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Hello, nice to meet you!

Every piece of art I make starts with close up photography.
I am fascinated by various structures which are subject to change, such as ice for example.
By isolating a fragment of a photo and editing it digitally, I create exclusive colorful artworks.
During the process the original picture becomes insignificant. One can not take exactly the same picture again due to the transience of the subject.
Therefore all artworks are unique in their own way. You're invited to keep exploring.

Shaping these artworks certainly makes me happy. Trained as a professional photographer, I am self-taught in making art. This gives me the opportunity to take full advantage of my creativity.
My 'paintings' come straight from the heart!

All artworks are available from size 90 x 60 centimeters up to size 180 x 120 centimeters.
Prices start at € 425, depending on size and material. Tailored advice.


Please feel free to get in touch!

Marja Poldermans



Flesh and Bones


Space Traffic



Party in the Parc



Black Hole

I See Ice


digital, art, abstract, colors, colorful, modern, contemporary, affection


digital art, colorful, abstract, modern, contemporary, pancakes


digital, art, sealife, colors, colorful, modern, abstract, contemporary



Kunstmarkt Brummen 21 mei 2018

kunst, markt, kunstmarkt

On Sunday May 20 2018 you can find me showing my digital art at the art fair in my hometown Brummen, The Netherlands. The art fair is from 12am to 17am in the village center: Marktplein. This fair has a wide range, from ceramics, paintings, jewelry to photography. The fair is part of the Pentecost festival that lasts from Friday to Monday, with theater performances and high tea on Sunday. More information www.pinksterfestivalbrummen.nl

9 February 2018

Applied Art

 applied, art, bag, black hole,

I recently developed a plan to use my artworks on products, such as this bag. I would love to have your feedback on this subject. Maybe you have some helpful suggestions or experience in manufacturing. To get in touch please fill in the Contactform  or just call me.

18 January 2018

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I would love you to follow me on Instagram. By sharing my daily activities, I provide an insight into the life of a photographer / artist. https://www.instagram.com/marjapoldermans/


18 September 2017